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Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Esablished 2007


Stonemanor Limited operates under the trading name of Apricot across the UK, Europe and America. We are a multi-channel womenswear fashion brand with staff employed across 3 main divisions; customer facing and product focussed roles in our retail outlets, logistical and manual roles in our warehouse and a range of roles in our head office.


Gender pay gap reporting looks at two differences between pay for men and women:

Mean gender pay gap – this is the difference between average hourly pay for men and women, expressed as a percentage of men’s pay. A positive percentage indicates that, on average, men are paid more than women and a negative percentage indicates that women are paid more than men.

Median gender pay gap – when all staff are listed by gender and hourly rate, highest to lowest, the median is the middle point of the list and may, therefore, be a better indicator of the true gender pay gap, especially where there is a small proportion of employees receiving the highest hourly pay.

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A majority of our staff are female, although the ratio of males to females shifts slightly when we break the gender split down by division.

As a womenswear retailer, our retail outlets predominantly attract female workers, as they have a closer affinity to the product and our target customer. Considering gender pay gap results for other high street womenswear retailers, this does appear to be an indicative trend of the industry in general. 74% of our total UK workforce is employed in our retail outlets and 98.2% of these are female workers.

Retail roles traditionally attract lower salaries than those based in offices and professional services and the gender distribution across our business, therefore, skews the overall mean and median pay gap for the business-wide population.


Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires that all report subjects are listed in order of lowest paid to highest paid and then equally distributed across four pay quartiles, with the highest paid staff falling within the upper quartile and those on the lowest hourly rates fall into the lower quartile.


Due to reasons highlighted, both the mean and median figures show a small male/ female gap, it is, however, worth noting that 80% of our top 10 and 20 earners are female.

Examination of our gender pay gap report for 2018/19 does not highlight any major cause for concern for our overall gender pay gap and at the time of writing, Stonemanor Limited’s gender pay gap falls below the current national median gender pay gap of 11.3% ( We are confident that our recruitment processes focus purely on hiring the best candidate for the job, rather than any other personal trait or characteristic and within our office and warehouse environments, internal progression amongst the primarily female workforce is actively promoted

We do however recognise the importance of undertaking regular reviews of internal practices and policies to ensure that we are doing everything possible to reduce our gender pay gap. Our focus for the next 12 months is to:

1. Review the way in which opportunities are advertised internally to ensure that all staff can apply for a promotion or higher paying role where they meet the required application criteria

2. Undertake a review of the methods used to attract candidates to our business including:

       - ensuring that all job adverts have maximum appeal to both genders

       - exploring gender metrics for the job boards used to ensure we reach a diverse mix of candidates wherever possible.

       - inform and educate hiring managers to ensure that no unconscious bias exists

3. Raise awareness of our flexible working and shared parental leave/ pay policies, promoting inclusivity in terms of achieving a work/ life balance

Philip Chaimo

Clare Molinari
HR Manager